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Why I started this blog?

Hey young ladies! This is Juhi Bareria and I started this blog to share life-changing ideas on everyday fashion, crafts and home decor. The reason is- I love these three things. I can go crazy, insane and totally nuts sometimes, but I am pretty much passionate about sharing these to you. However, I must tell you I am not an expert.

I see my blog as a workplace where you and I create interesting concepts and help others develop a life they want.

You can find great fashion style and some links to buy from them because it’s very hard to find pretty dresses online ( you may find a bunch of useless dresses online). Also it’s an open disclosure: that I earn commission out of making sales but doesn’t cost you anything extra. 

I also share ideas to built a dream home which is more like in-the-trend-home ideas. You can also find craft ideas on some topics. Although home and crafts really not that I feel like writing, a lot of scope of improvement is there. 😀

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Find new things every week..

Working on this idea, I create a combination of things that you may like particularly as mentioned fashion and little bit of home decor and craft. You can always find better blogs than this if my style and advice doesn’t suit you. But I insist you leave a message and tell me what you didn’t like. I see it as a constructive process to make my blog a resource to my readers.


A little bit about me

Hey.. its weird to talk about myself but anyway. I enjoy learning new fashion and trying it in everyday life. My fashion inspiration icons are Sonam Kapoor and Ashley Brooke.

I had completed my Certificate Course in Textile Ornamentation and Home fashion from Patna Women’s College and applying everything I am learning through YouTube, pinterest walls and other sources.

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