Say It With Accessories: 10 Glam-Up Tips!

Hey pretty girls! I know you love your accessories but are you aware of the trends & hacks? Accessories can make your statement or make you look like an ordinary girl!
Here’s 10 tips on how you can glam-up your Statement Look! However, you can try other creative ways too that will strike your mind after you read this post. Also check other post in series; How To Create Your Style Statement?


1. One statement piece theory:

This one is pretty simple. Instead of wearing a tons of accessories, focus on that one accessory that can be the statement piece for your look!

I have 6 tips related to it which you’ll read later in this post.


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2. Accessories at your work place?

At Work Place you can’t wear accessories that are more showy or dressy, but you must throw a necklace or a sunglasses to compliment your look. This way you are not doing over and still looking amazing!

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4. How to highlight it right?

Highlight the things that you want! If you want to drag attention to your face, you can wear big earrings or loops. If you want to highlight your neckline, wear chokers.

The key is to accessories the part you want to highlight while balancing the look.

Necklines With Accessories!

Check My Pins for a better idea of following tips!

5. Glam up your Scoop neck outfit:

For scoop neck outfits, you can go for collar necklace that mimics the neckline of outfit. It’s looks classy. You can do a collar necklace with scoop crop top and long skirt for date.

6. A pendant chain for Boat neck:

Long pendant chain looks cute in boat neck tops. It kinda add an edgy look to your outfit which you can do in casual jeans top or a party outfit.

7. V-neck’s jewelry suggestions:

You can either do earrings or necklace at a time as the trends. However, work your choices and try what looks best on you.

Do a long pendant hack whenever you want to look slimmer than usual. You can use a short pendent necklace that accentuates your neckline too.

8. Earrings for One-shoulder top:

One-shoulder top are kinda more dressy. Going a low key on accessory would really make a statement look. Use long earrings and a bracelet to compliment your look.

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9. Design your turtle neck outfit with chains:

A layered neck-piece or whatever you call it, looks good with turtle necks. This is kind of Popular now. Try this look for parties.

10. Chokers for Strapless Tops:

Strapless top leaves a good chance to try your bold and beautiful chokers. There’s cloth choker or the metal ones that you can try to get your Statement look.

I hope this post was useful and gave you some ideas on how to create your style statement. I would like to credit these Youtube videos for my sources: for the accessories with neckline, for everyday tips. Check these videos if you want.

Comment below and share what you think about these tips!

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How to create an Awesome Outfit?

Have you ever thought how you can create a put-together outfit out of what you already have? That’s correct; you can create an awesome outfit with what you already have in your closet! I have got 5 useful tips that you can use at absolutely free to create an awesome outfit.

This episode is part 4th of the series- How to create a style statement. If you are new to this series, it’s about mine and your mission to create a style statement. View this series.


1. Neutral color outfits

Neutrals such as black, beige, camel, whites are very much into fashion these days. Do you know why? Because these blend with every color you have! Here we got two ideas:

  • Pair neutral tops and neutral lowers to get an effortless cute style. This style is very sober and classy.
  • Pair neutrals with non-neutrals to get a bold and beautiful look. This style can be party or beach, maybe for those days when you want to look different or charged up.
  • Here’s my Pinterest board that will make things easier for you to understand:

2. Introduce layering

This is the most favorite tip that I suggest anyone. Actually it’s credit goes to Ashley Brooke and her YouTube channel. I must tell you girls, you need to check out her ‘What I Wore’ series.

Pair outfits with a jacket or a long coat, maybe you can add a scarf to get a prettier look. Now, if you don’t have such things in your closet, I bet you are missing an important thing that can spark your style.


3. Plain Vs Printed

Here’s my three theories that work well for me, that you can work up to create an awesome outfit.

  • Plain and Plain: This combo is like more of casual and cool at the same time. This style can be a go-to outfit. It’s simple, fashionable and effortlessly trendy.
  • Plain and Printed: This can be a little more dressed-up style than usual. Go with your choice taking care of theme of your outfit.
  • Printed and printed: this had never worked for me. However, I saw some woman play it nicely by highlighting one print more than the other, thus creating a balance of colors. You can try and work about it.


4. Contrasting effect of top & bottom

By effect, I mean all the gathers and other stuffs that are part of top or

bottoms. Like if you are wearing palazzos, don’t wear balloon top or something like that. Try to have a balance because here’s we a more important goal- to look slimmer!

5. Wearing it a correct way

This is the last tip which I want to add for today’s post. There’s a right way of wearing a kimono jacket, and similarly a right way for other stuff.

 Make sure you know the right way because it’s the only way to have a charm in what you wear.

I hope these 5 tips are useful and will help you to create an awesome outfit. Comment below and share:

  • How are you going to create an awesome outfit? If you are using other ideas, what are they? Share with us- because a lot of young woman inspires to look stylish. It can show your concern towards them.

  • What are your favorite style-hacks to look attractive? ( This would also be my next topic in this series, so help me out with your ideas. It will be posted next week)

[feature image source]

Apart from the story, there’s an announcement- I am planning for a new series and you may see it’s post in a day or two. It’s called the Monsoon Hits 2017– based mainly on what’s going to be on trends now. I hope you will enjoy it.

Never Run Out of Outfit Ideas : 6 Tips

Have your ever feel like you don’t have an outfit to wear to date or work? Maybe it’s just the casual day, but you feel like running out of clothes. I have 6 tips, so you never run out of clothes.

#1 Wardrobe sync.

#2 Buying new stuff

#3 Living by multi-combo

#4 Invest in all time-less pieces

#5 Take care of your outfits

#6 Invest in Variety

Here’s the 3rd post in the series: How to develop your style statement. Now, If you are new to join the series, check the previous posts so you have an idea of what it’s about. Ok, so let’s dive into today’s topic and learn how to use these tips to never run out of clothes.

#1. Wardrobe sync.

  • A closet sync. Is very essential as- sometimes we have everything we want with us. I recommend a 15 day sync.

[image source: Pixabay]

  • Make new pairs: You can try juggling clothes over different hangers and taking inspiration to make an awesome outfit with what you already have. It’s called using your ‘fashion-assets’ at best.
  • Never repeat in a week: Make this a rule to arrange outfits in your closet so you know what you wore 2 days before or so. Arrange 7 outfits and hang them in your closet. ( plus points: It will save your time and energy at the busy morning.)

Also see: 

Post 1: Meaning of style

Post 2: How to find your Personal Style?



#2. Buying new stuff

  • Always buy something that flaunts your best asset. I don’t know who said that but it’s always the best advice one can get.
  • Invest in a color palatte: Try and look around what you like. Don’t stick around the same colors you always wear. If you are not comfortable with new colors, try exploring similar colors of what you like.
  • Have a look on what’s trending: A good way is to use Pinterest or a style magazine to inform yourself what you want to try.
  • Fabric & care: Look before you invest some cash. You might not be willing to dry-clean for every wash and or ending up in unshapely weird clothes.
  • Buy something that makes 3 combos with what you already have.

[Image source: Pixabay]

#3. Living by Multi-combo:

  • White & black: these are 2 colors falls perfectly in any color and make an awesome outfit. Invest in these colors for easy combos. Also read : 6 Elegant Party Black dresses for stylish women
  • Plain+ Printed: A general rule of fashion is that, combine plain & printed. So, pair a printed top with plain bottoms or plain top with printed bottoms, it’s all fashionable.
  • Plain+ Plain+ Statement piece: Plain on plain may be a little boring, while it’s a chance for statement piece to come into play. Maybe it’s a third piece like jacket, or boho jewellery. It’s upto you.
  • Outfit gallery: Don’t selfie much? Here’s why you should give it a try. Every time you make a new combo, smile like a diva and save your look. Things are lot easier when you can go to your gallery and make a choice.


#4. Invest in all time-less pieces:

  • Plains: Fashion repeats itself, but plains are an exception. They never go out of trend.
  • Black & whites: 2 evergreen colours you must have in your closet.
  • Denims: Denim jeans like blue, black, white are kind of cool and forever fashionable.

[Image source: Pixabay]

#5 Take care of your outfits:

  • See the instruction manual and take proper care of clothes.
  • Store them in moisture-free plastic-packets.
  • Don’t leave perfume in your outfits. It make spoil the color and texture of clothes.

#6. Invest in variety:

  • Invest in colors and a variety of clothing so you always have a different look. It’s essentially a promise to try new outfits and pieces and figure out how you like it to create your style statement.

I hope these 6 tips help you when you feel running out of fashion. Tell me in the comments below if you loved it.

Two questions for today:

#1. Which is your favourite tip in this post?

#2. How do you cope with the challenge of running out of clothes?

How to find your Personal Style?

Do you already have a style but you don’t love how it feels, or you are completely clueless. Maybe you have a great style but you want to improve. You got to know how to find your personal style- a style you feel proud to have.

Welcome to the 2nd post of the series- How to develop your style statement from Scratch.


Today, we will talk about- How to find your personal Style. I am inspired by how Carly Cristman (Famous fashion stylish and YouTuber) talks about it and I am giving my voice to her idea. I will link her video at the end of the post. So, let’s begin.

Also read: meaning of style statement and how you can be benefited by it.

#1. How do you want to feel?

Many times we just rush into getting ready, but the first step for finding your personal style is figuring out “ how do you want to feel?”

[Image source: Pixabay]

Carly talks about figuring out what clothes show your best version. When you dress-up in the morning, ask yourself-

 “Is this outfit gonna reflect the best version of mine?”

If you feel like yes then go for it!

Plus points: You can use this idea to eliminate the clothes from your wardrobe that depletes your mood. Over a time you will only have those clothes in your wardrobe that helps you showing the best version of yourself.

#2. What do you want to be that day?

No matter what your job or position is, you can always choose how to dress like the person you want to be. A good example is business meetings – dress like a powerful woman


[Image source: Pixabay]

Carly says this as  “Put together an outfit that makes you look like the person you want to be.”

#3. Know what works best on your body

No matter what the style trend is, if you are not comfortable, you can never look confident in it. So, if you don’t feel like showing much of skin then try the other options.

“There’s always a style that suits your personality. You just need to figure how what you like and what you don’t.”


#4 Have go to outfits

You want to look stylish but it’s hardly a goal when you are running for seconds. Carly suggest having “go to outfits” – while these are no fancy but the outfits you feel good and confident about.

Have these outfits ready and grab them at the rush hour.

[Image source: Pixabay]

#5 Stop worrying about other’s opinion

Don’t let other people judge you on what you’re wearing. Wear what you like because it’s the dress you feel good and comfortable in.

“You start to develop your personal style when you start listening to your sense of personal style and not apologizing for it.”

-Carly Cristman (Famous fashion stylish and YouTuber)

Here’s the video link. Make sure to watch the video. If you have doubts about how to apply this, join the comment section.



I hope you loved this post. If you did, make sure you subscribe to my blog. Now, I would love to hear from you:

#1. What’s that 1 thing from Carly’s concept that resonates with you?

#2. How are you planning to apply it?