Part 2: Why I started UI and why I was so wrong?

This is the continuation of  Part 1: Why I started UI and why I was so wrong? of UI Unplugged. Read the previous part here.

Summary of 1st part:

Initial phases of UI went so uncertain and confusing. That was the time I created UI, struggling with ideas. The fashion Non-sense that I created and how I kept that working.


So, I quit the Money-mentality..

(How it looks without hash-tags? 😀 )

UI wasn’t serving any income nor does it serve now- not even pocket money!

I was like quitting the blog idea or atleast have a different strategy for UI. Maybe that can make luck for me. But was it changing content strategy or monetizing stategy?


I thought to change the set of ideas I planned in January and make it a complete different site. So, I started developing this thing from scratch. I deleted the whole system and started again from the basics like categories, products and that stuff.

I lost 1200 visitors that month.

That’s a huge number and a big support that I lost in the process. Still wondering why I did that to UI.

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After a daily 10-12 404 errors on my site, I felt I was doing something wrong.

There’s a few people that read my blog, but they love it and are searching for the posts everyday. That was like I was stealing something from them- something that UI gave them.

So, I talked with my friend and he’s a tech expert, so he knew how to bring the old content back. ( Comment below if you want to know how I recovered my website through GoDaddy database).

Still the crash was hard and now it’s like 380 visitors this month.

I hope you guys learned from my mistakes and before a try to change anything give your people a remainder of what you’re doing, so they won’t get confused and go elsewhere.

Why I post without earning a penny?


That’s the time and love that I invested in UI and the 380 visitors still reading it encouraged me to think “Was it really worthless?”


I had a few visitors but they believed in me even when I didn’t. So, It’s my job to live their expectations and create something valuable for them. It’s an opportunity to learn new things everyday and share them to the world.

A sense of fulfilment brings me to write new things and research the trends. Also it had improved me in numerous ways- like a better dressing sense now and cleaner and more organized home.

There’s definitely a reason to continue it!


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These are  a few lifetime lessons that I learned through creating UI:

When you create a blog, it creates a family- a family of people who love your work and if You are reading this, You are the family and thanks for being with me throughout the time.

Every time something knocks you off, there’s a sign of Personal Growth.

Money can’t make a business, but love can.

When you create something, if not more, then there’s always a few people who love your work. Don’t steal from them by quitting.

BTW, eveytime I used “he”/”him”, it refers to my partner Ankit ( he’s core developer and helps me with GoDaddy and technical issues with UI)

Although a big post, but I just felt like sharing my true self with you guys.

Thanks for your support and we’ll soon gain the members back.

 Comment below if you like this series. Also ask me anything if you want!

Part 1: Why I started UI and why I was so wrong?

Hey guys! Welcome to the 1st episode of UI unplugged. This is a series where I’ll be sharing my most truthful stories of starting this Blog and it’s kinda sneek-peek into my life and what’s going on with UI (Unique Ideas).

For the first episode, I thought to begin from the start- that’s when I figured out that I should start a blog!

Well, 2017 January- the month where we put on the list of resolutions and kinda build a roadmap to adventures that we want to experience. Money was all on my mind. So, I was like searching sites what ways I can earn money and stuff.


Soon I discovered there many things I am not good at. 😀

Although I was wondering if I can do some stuff. So I began writing as I had written a few short stories and poems at Writter’s Café. I started a free blog at which was like #my_first_achivements although it wasn’t that great. I was new to WordPress and stuff like the basics and completely clueless about what to write.

After a few posts, one of my friend suggested me to buy a domain and host my website on it. That was like “really? Do you think so? Am I be able to manage all that stuff?” He said- “Why not? You’ll never know if you won’t start!”


That was I guess 20th of January that he helped me with GoDaddy (through his cash! 😮 ) That was something so scary and like how will I manage that stuff.

(But somehow I survived and began posting -42 posts till now. That’s a miracle on it’s own if I think myself as 7months back.)


While I started to write on this category- I was like “I don’t know anything.” And the money-mentality made me think I had to do something and atleast cover the Inr 1500 that was the price to put this website on.

[Being true is hard] Okay, so after my ultimate realisation, I thought there are more girls like me who thought ‘putting up a great combination of color and pieces’ is fashion. I didn’t knew anything about how to style a dress or different ways of pairing things. That made me think–  “Now is the opportunity to learn and share with other girls and giveaway what I had learned.”


Everything was going well- I was blogging about fashion, home-décor and crafts- all three different systems on their own. There was a lot of confusion going about what’s the correct way to monetize and how’ll I be able to write good content.

After like 10posts, I felt that was not providing any sort of value to anybody and maybe I should try a different way of writing.

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