How To Make Explosion Box + 50 Explosion Box Ideas

It’s your friend’s bday, anniversary celebration or welcoming a new baby, these occasions need special gifts. Let’s make pretty Explosion Boxes and bring a real surprise on their face!

Hey guys! This is my recent love and I’m excited to share with you my sources to make Explosion Box. In this post, you’ll see Explosion Box Tutorial and brilliant Explosion Box ideas that’ll ignite your crafty mind. Let’s move to video tutorials..

Explosion Box Tutorial


This one is from Crafty Prafty– a very popular DIY channel on YouTube. I shared this video because it’s super easy to understand in her tutorials and you have the idea of Dimensions, which is all over her video.

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50 Explosion Box Ideas

Here’s 50 explosion box ideas that would inspire you to create your masterpiece!

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I hope you enjoyed this post and found out inspiration for your Explosion Box. If you want to know something about it or looking for some other Craft Inspirations, feel free to Comment so that I post it soon. J

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