Part 1: Why I started UI and why I was so wrong?

Hey guys! Welcome to the 1st episode of UI unplugged. This is a series where I’ll be sharing my most truthful stories of starting this Blog and it’s kinda sneek-peek into my life and what’s going on with UI (Unique Ideas).

For the first episode, I thought to begin from the start- that’s when I figured out that I should start a blog!

Well, 2017 January- the month where we put on the list of resolutions and kinda build a roadmap to adventures that we want to experience. Money was all on my mind. So, I was like searching sites what ways I can earn money and stuff.


Soon I discovered there many things I am not good at. 😀

Although I was wondering if I can do some stuff. So I began writing as I had written a few short stories and poems at Writter’s Café. I started a free blog at which was like #my_first_achivements although it wasn’t that great. I was new to WordPress and stuff like the basics and completely clueless about what to write.

After a few posts, one of my friend suggested me to buy a domain and host my website on it. That was like “really? Do you think so? Am I be able to manage all that stuff?” He said- “Why not? You’ll never know if you won’t start!”


That was I guess 20th of January that he helped me with GoDaddy (through his cash! 😮 ) That was something so scary and like how will I manage that stuff.

(But somehow I survived and began posting -42 posts till now. That’s a miracle on it’s own if I think myself as 7months back.)


While I started to write on this category- I was like “I don’t know anything.” And the money-mentality made me think I had to do something and atleast cover the Inr 1500 that was the price to put this website on.

[Being true is hard] Okay, so after my ultimate realisation, I thought there are more girls like me who thought ‘putting up a great combination of color and pieces’ is fashion. I didn’t knew anything about how to style a dress or different ways of pairing things. That made me think–  “Now is the opportunity to learn and share with other girls and giveaway what I had learned.”


Everything was going well- I was blogging about fashion, home-décor and crafts- all three different systems on their own. There was a lot of confusion going about what’s the correct way to monetize and how’ll I be able to write good content.

After like 10posts, I felt that was not providing any sort of value to anybody and maybe I should try a different way of writing.

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Juhi Bareria

I love to help people with resources to create a unique fashion style, new craft projects and home makeover projects. A life long learner and a passionate blogger. ❤

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