How To Make Explosion Box + 50 Explosion Box Ideas

It’s your friend’s bday, anniversary celebration or welcoming a new baby, these occasions need special gifts. Let’s make pretty Explosion Boxes and bring a real surprise on their face!

Hey guys! This is my recent love and I’m excited to share with you my sources to make Explosion Box. In this post, you’ll see Explosion Box Tutorial and brilliant Explosion Box ideas that’ll ignite your crafty mind. Let’s move to video tutorials..

Explosion Box Tutorial


This one is from Crafty Prafty– a very popular DIY channel on YouTube. I shared this video because it’s super easy to understand in her tutorials and you have the idea of Dimensions, which is all over her video.

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50 Explosion Box Ideas

Here’s 50 explosion box ideas that would inspire you to create your masterpiece!

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I hope you enjoyed this post and found out inspiration for your Explosion Box. If you want to know something about it or looking for some other Craft Inspirations, feel free to Comment so that I post it soon. J

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15 Fresh Handmade Greeting Card Designs for different moods

Looking for fresh and beautiful handmade card designs for your loved ones? Here are some amazing creations from Creative Chhori Facebook page.  You will love their new ideas on cards. Scroll below to see: 15 fresh handmade card designs!

  1. Cards for different moods
  2. Birthday Cards
  3. Cards for Wedding and Anniversary

Social Links:

 YouTube channel: You can also visit their YouTube channel to see how to make these pretty cards! With 922 subscribers, they are quite popular on YouTube. Check this video:

 Facebook Page: You can visit their Facebook shop : Creative Chhori with a fan-base of 1.72 k and check out for your favorite cards.

With the end of this post, I would love to know which design touched your heart? Also share the memory of the moment when you gave your first handmade card to your loved ones. 

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3 Easy Plaster of Paris Crafts to sell

Are you looking for some budget crafts to sell? In this post, you’ll see 3 interesting crafts made from plaster of paris that you can try this weekend. These simple ideas will help you make easy crafts for your loved ones. Learn how to make p.o.p. keychains, p.o.p. bird and p.o.p. candle holder with steps. Continue reading..

1. DIY key-chains: P.O.P Crafts to sell

This idea is really amazing and easy to make P.O.P. craft to sell. It looks super cute and will be catchy on the first place. I got the idea while I was browsing articles on Popcorn and Chocolates.

You will need the following for this craft:

  • Plaster of Paris: half cup
  • Mixing tray ( use something disposable)
  • Letter moulds/tray
  • A keychain
  • Pencil colours
  • Old newspapers (optional: to cover table as P.O.P. can be messy)

Let’s begin making DIY P.O.P Keychains!

  • Take half cup P.O.P. dust in tray and mix it.
  • Now pour the paste in letter moulds. (Caution: Use gloves while doing stuff with P.O.P. Proper ventilated room required). Let the mould set for half an hour.
  • Neatly glue the key-chain to the end by hot glue and rest the setup for 1-2 hours. You can use any other crayons and paint to color it. Read in more detail on Popcorn and Chocolates. 

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Craft tip: You can also make bottle stoppers with these letters or photo-monograms.


2. DIY Floral Candle Holder : P.O.P. crafts to sell

The inspiration of finding more P.O.P. crafts to sell landed me on my pinterest search to these beautiful floral candle holders.

You will need the following to make this beautiful DIY Floral Candle Holder:

  • Flowers: 2-3
  • Plaster of Paris: half cup or so
  • Mixing Tray
  • Paints (optional)
  • Candles

Let’s begin making  P.O.P floral candle holders!

  • Take about half cup P.O.P dust and mix water into it. However, keep the paste light and not that thick as we used for keychains.
  • Dip the flowers into the paste and let them dry for 1hour. When you will be back, it would be ready!
  • Now fix Candle at centre of the flower with hot glue. You can also try fixing when the paste is not dry. However, be careful not to disorient the original petal arrangement.
  • You can now paint it with colours as you may like, or leave as it is, as you wish.

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3. DIY Bird: P.O.P. Crafts to sell

This is going to be a fun idea to make. I found this on Crafts for all seasons. Easy and innovative idea to use balloon for making a P.O.P. bird!

You will need the following to make this craft:

  • Plaster of Paris: according to balloons size
  • Balloon (the size of balloon will determine the size of bird)
  • Plastic Bottle (disposable bottle)
  • Mixing Tray
  • Sandpaper
  • Paints
  • Varnish (optional)

Let’s begin making P.O.P Bird!

  • Take the P.O.P and mix water to make it slightly thick paste.
  • Now pour the paste into the bottle. Be careful not to spill anywhere.
  • Wrap a balloon on bottle’s neck and gently pour the mix into balloon.
  • Once you are done, leave the setup for half hour.
  • Now squeeze the ends to give the shape of tail, beak and more details.
  • Let it dry for some time. The basic is complete now. You can use sandpaper to smoothen the rough surface.
  • Paint as desired and you have made this easy P.O.P. Bird. Read how to make it in detail on Crafts for all seasons.

With the end of this post, I would love to know which one idea are you going to try first? Comment below!

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Unique and Creative DIY cards that anyone can make : New Ideas

Hello and welcome to Unique Ideas – ideas for life! Handmade Cards are beautiful way to express your love, emotions , gratitude, thankfulness and celebrate the moments of life. In this episode, I am going to share some beautiful handmade DIY cards that are really amazing ! Get inspired by the new ideas and share your own. 

1. Creative DIY Cards

You can make these simple and beautiful cards by simply apply liquid glitters to the cards.

Sticky glitter stickers can also be used to make it. These look beautiful as birthday cards or thank-you cards. 

2. Stamping-up cards

I love these stamping cards, its beautiful, lovely and creative! You can make these by cutting different pieces of thick craft-papers like card stock papers and assembling them beautifully. Here are some beautiful cards for your inspiration. Also see: Unique DIY Gifts : Hand-painted coffee mugs 

3. Paper quilling cards

These are very creative option for craft-lovers. You can make these cards by using paper-quilling strips and glue, and can roll and twist the quilling strips to give it a beautiful design. Quilling strips can be used to make flowers, leaves, cartoons and much more. Also see: DIY Unique Gifts: How to make Paper Quilling Frame

4. Creative cards for special ocassions

These are very creative and you must try these awesome ideas. Here, the two cards are worth sharing which are made on beautiful theme of new-born babies. 

5. Water-colour cards

You can use Water-colours to create beautiful effects to card. If you love water-colour as much I do, you will surely love these cards. Here, the Autumn theme card is made by dipping colour in a round eraser and applying it to the card. 

6. Paper-craft cards

In these cards, you can use various scraps, buttons, paper-cuttings and more. These look super cute and beautiful. Here are some unique DIY Cards cards that are made on butterfly theme by pasting paper-butterflies on cards. You can try pasting paper balloons or hearts for a different theme like birthday or love.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Comment, Share and stay connected!

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Unique DIY Gifts : Hand-painted coffee mugs

Hello friends! Welcome once again to Unique Ideas- Ideas for life! Today, I will show you creative and fun ideas for painting your own DIY Coffee mugs. When it comes to handmade, we all know how creative it looks and shows your efforts, so these are perfect gifts for anyone you love. Have a look and get unique and creative ideas to paint those beautiful coffee mugs.

1. Quotations on Coffee Mugs

You are going to love it. these simple and hand-painted cups are beautiful and an unique gifting option. These are also available on Etsy, however, with little effort, you can make these too. You will need permanent color markers or solvent based glass-colors for doing this craft.

2. Playing with patterns

You can make your unique hand-painted mugs by simply painting abstract patterns or geometrical lines on it. It looks beautiful and you can also use them as a home-decor item.

3. Cute Cartoons

These are super cute gifts for the person you love. Here are a few ideas you can take to decorate your mug.

also see: DIY 5 Easy Projects

4. Couple Mugs

These are unique gift options for wedding, or you can make this for your partner and believe me, he/she is going to love it. Different cartoons, quotations or words can be used for this creative craft. Also see: Unique Scrapbook Ideas

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Leave comments below and express your thoughts.

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