Teacher’s Day Explosion Box Gift Ideas

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Confused about what to gift on teacher’s day? Here’s a creative solution!

Try this Handmade Explosion Box with cute mini letters for your teacher.

Hey Crafters! Today I’m excited to share with you an explosion box that I made for my Tuition teacher. I wanted to make something different for my teacher as you all want!

But it was hard to decide.

And then finally this idea came into my mind…

Here’s How It looks:

You can download the FREE Craft kit to make your Explosion Box and make your pretty Teacher’s Day Gift.

Download the FREE Craft Kit !

Click here to download your FREE Craft kit and you'll get Digital papers and Stickers same as used in this Explosion Box.

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Let’s quickly dive in the process and make this Explosion Box!

You’ll need :

  • Crush Paper or Card Stock sheet
  • Craft kit Supplies (includes Digital Papers and Stickers); Download Here!
  • Glue
  • Washy Tape

Here’s the Measurements:

After making the base, use digital papers in Craft Kit (Printed in A4 Sheets) and Stickers (Printed in A4 Gloss Paper) to make it!

I used Mini Letters, you can create a Photo Explosion Box!

Also check out the Explosion Box Tutorials which contains the Process in detail.

Grab your Craft Supplies Now!

Free Teacher’s Day Printable Stickers and Digital Papers (same as used in this Explosion Box) now! 

Click here to download your FREE Craft kit

Lazy for a hardwork?

Grab this Free Card (Printable) and wish your teacher a Happy Teacher’s Day!

Download now

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post!

 Comment below and share your Teacher’s Day Gifting Ideas.

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