10 Interesting hacks to save your Monsoon Wardrobe

Monsoon is all about rain, monsoon smell and a great weather but it’s also important to take care of Monsoon Wardrobe and all stuff like outfits, shoes and other accessories. This post will show you 10 interesting hacks to save your monsoon wardrobe.

Odour and moisture is something that many people don’t want in their wardrobe. If it’s you, I can totally relate. So, I was searching for some good tips on internet, and here’s what I found. BTW, this is post 2 in the series Monsoon Hits 2017 (check my other posts on Monsoon Fashion and Style Here.

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  1. Low Voltage Bulb to avoid moisture

Adding a low voltage bulb can help to keep atmosphere heated and keep your wardrobe out of moisture.


  1. Dust bag + silica gel packet hack

This hack is quite easy and used to store leather stuff. Keep your leather stuff in dust bag and add a silica gel packet. While the dust bag prevents moisture and fungal growth, the silica gel packets soak up the remaining moisture.

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  1. Treatment of odour from shoes

This hack uses a Sanitizer + Deodorant + teabags. Firstly spray a sanitizer on the insides of your shoes, then leave for 2-3 minutes. Now spray your favourite deodorant and add teabags. Teabags soak up the moisture. Leave overnight.

  1. Clean your handbags

Use equal amounts of water and vinegar for this hack. Clean your handbag with a cotton cloth and this mix. Let it dry normally.

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  1. Neem leaves

Neem leaves are used for ages to fight bacteria and moisture. Use 2-3 neem leaves in corners of your wardrobe to save your monsoon wardrobe.


  1. Vinegar

Take about 2-3tbsps of vinegar and apply it in soaked clothes. You can also add vinegar while washing clothes in a machine. This will keep the odour away and balance the pH of your clothes.

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  1. Mothballs

Naphthalene balls or moth balls works well if neem is unavailable. Keep 1-2 mothballs in every corner and a few between folded clothes.


  1. Candle hack

You can prevent your sneakers and shoes from getting wet by applying a transparent candle over it (as you would use a crayon) and blow drying it to set the wax.

It also help to clean the dirt faster.


  1. Stuff some toilet paper

Toilet paper stuffed inside handbags or shoes soak up the extra moisture thus prevent fungal growth and odour. However, you must give some fresh air to your leather stuff once a week.



  1. Camphor Balls

If mothballs are not available, you can use camphor balls to keep your closet fresh and bacteria-free.


I hope you find these hacks useful. Now, I would like to know :

What are your favourite Monsoon hacks to save your wardrobe?

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