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20 Hacks To keep Away The Monsoon Smell

Monsoon brings the rain and pleasant weather but also a lot of moisture which result in Foul smelling odours that I am sure you don’t want in your home.

According to a survey, 84% women confess that they’re struggling to make their home pleasant in Monsoon Season. With these 20 Interesting hacks you’ll be able to keep away the monsoon smell + some of these are purely homemade and costs you absolutely nothing!

20 Hacks To Keep Away The Monsoon Odour

For these simple hacks, you'll need Essential Oils, Baking Soda, White Vinegar and Some other kitchen-stuff. 

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#1 Place a few drops of your favourite Essential oils like Rosemary or Lavender near the air-conditioner. The sweet smell will diffuse in room, making it smell amazing.

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#2 Pour 10-15 drops of Essential Oils on a cotton ball and keep it where you want- this could be your living room, balcony or laundry area. This hack will deodorize the place and keep away the Monsoon Smell.

#3 Mop your floor with a spoonful of Baking Soda and Rock Salt mixture. This removes the smell and leaves a clean and fresh home. Salt also eliminates the bacteria and keep away the ants.

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#4 Scented Candles are an easy way to light up the fragrance. Light up the candles and feel the differences. It also helps to create a positive environment for meditation or relaxation.

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#5 Place some White Vinegar in a bowl and keep it where you want to remove the odour. White Vinegar absorbs the foul smell leaving behind an odour free home.

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#6 Place some Baking Soda in Pepper-spray Jar and keep it in Refrigerator. It absorbs the smell. Make sure you replace the soda every 3-4months.

#7 Room Fresheners can be a great alternative when you have less time and have to attend guests. Use a fresh and floral smell to mask the monsoon odour.

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#8 Take a few spoonful Baking Soda on a paper towel and secure it with a rubber band. Keep this sachet in your closet or laundry area to absorb the smell.

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#9 Essential Oil Diffusers can be a good investment. You can make your home smell pretty much the flavour you want by mixing up essential oils.

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#10 Apply 5-10 drops of Vanilla Essence to Cotton ball and keep it in refrigerator. This eliminates the odour and you’ll have a fresh smelling refrigerator.

#11 Pour some Baking Soda Powder  on sofa surface and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Clean with a Vacuum Cleaner.

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#12 Put a bar of soap in your sock drawer. This will eliminate the odour from socks.

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#13 Alternatively you can spray scent on a Popsicle and place it in your sock drawer to have same effects.

#14 Scented Sticks are a very old and efficient option to get an odour free home in Monsoon.

#15 Coffee grinds also soak up the moisture and introduce a fresh smell into your wardrobe. Create a sachet by pouring a spoonful of coffee grinds in a paper towel and secure it with rubber band.

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#16 Simmer the ingredients like Cinnamon, lemons and Rosemary grass and let the steam cover your home. This will add a pleasant smell to your home.

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#17 You can make a DIY Spray to keep away the musty monsoon odour. For this, mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 5 cups of water and pour the mix in a Spray Bottle.

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#18 Alternatively you can also mix a few drops of essentials oils and Baking Soda to 5 cups of water and Spray the mix to remove the smell.

#19 DIY this Air Freshener by pouring few drops of essential oils on some baking soda. Keep this mix in a container and cover it’s mouth with cheese cloth.

#20 Keep Camphor Balls in the corner of room. It will keep the smell away and also keep the bacteria away.

I hope these 20 Hacks prove useful to you. Comment below and share your thoughts. If you liked this post, share it with your friends.

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