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5 DIY Crafts : Innovative crafts to sell now!

Looking for some brilliant Craft ideas to sell? Let me walk you through my top 10 ideas that I loved and are really popular now!

These are the most beautiful and cute that I can't help pinning them to my pinterest board.

Stay tuned and save your ideas to renovate your craft shop this season.


1. Explosion Box Kit

Explosion box/ exploding box is really a gift that touches my heart. After sharing 50 of my favourite explosion box, I found a pic like Explosion Box kit. It contains all the things you need to build an explosion box so, it would be fun to have it.

Click here to see my post where I share my favorite 50 Explosion boxes!

Many people would be looking around, so I think it would make a good business!

I had myself created a kit which contains digital papers and stickers. Check out here.



2. Succulent favours

It's adorable and no way that people can ignore it's attractiveness. If you're a plant lover and want to create a business around it, this Succulent favours would be loved by your customers.


3. Handmade soaps

If you like aroma and excitement to create a thrilling DIY business, you must try a hand at soaps.

These are the fast selling gifts and you could charge a good cost for them.

Source: Stacy barr


4. Decorated Wine glass

Wine glasses are common gifts, but with a pinch of uniqueness, you can create a whole brand among these.

Source: Amazon

5. Candles

From the last post you know that I love candles. In that post I talked about scented candles and today about the various shapes and interesting forms a candles may look like. 

Source: Buzzfeed

I hope you liked this post and a few ideas had already started to pop in your mind about your Craft Business. Read what I shared in previous article about crafts that make money.

Comment below some ideas that you would like to add to your Craft Business+ share it's link if your business is online!


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