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7 Creative ways to use Stationery Papers

Wait.. you don’t know this! Do you? Maybe yes! But, you haven’t tried that before. Today I will talk about 7 creative ways how you can use your Stationery papers.

Howdy guys! Welcome back to my blog. If you’re new here, you can sign up here to get access to free resource library. Now, let me quickly take you to the 7 creative ways you can use stationery papers:

  1. Journal Papers / Planner pages:

If you’re buying stationery papers then the best use I would suggest is make your own creative planners! If you wanna know more, dive into my February planner tutorial where I had shared how you can create amazing planners.

valentino collection ( floral writing paper)
Floral Writing Papers
  1. Wall art:

If you’re into decorating, you’ll looove this! What you need is just stationery papers and you’re ready to make your own masterpiece. You can try out some calligraphy or designs ..may be some quotations that inspires you!

Valentino collection ( writing papers)
Wall art
  1. Photo-frame:

Artistic photo-frame requires craft-mind! Make collage, doodles, a wedding memorable photo-frame with photo and calligraphy underneath or anything you can possibly think of.


  1. Inspiration Board:

Every now and then we need an inspiration to hold true meaning of life. If that makes sense to you, try making an inspiration board with all the things that you love. Trust me, you’ll love the result.

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  1. Scrapbook:

Of one of the creative uses how about a scrapbook? See: Travel Scrapbook Ideas. You can create beautiful scrapbooks with those floral pages. It could be an interesting hobby to carry.

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  1. Binder Cover:

Jot a few words that you would like to be on the papers and laminate it. You will love this 1 min binder cover DIY.


  1. Greeting card:

Fold over the paper and write your message. It would be an easy way to make cards, specially if you don’t want to purchase a card.


These are the 7 creative ways you can use stationery papers. Love the idea? Visit our store and get beautiful writing paper printables!

We have a full range of artistic watercolor floral papers that could be the best supply for your creative mind. Wondering if you could save some more money on your purchase? Sign up here to get 20% off on your first purchase!

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