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20 Hacks To keep Away The Monsoon Smell

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Monsoon brings the rain and pleasant weather but also a lot of moisture which result in Foul smelling odours that I am sure you don’t want in your home.
According to a survey, 84% women confess that they’re struggling to make their home pleasant in Monsoon Season. With these 20 Interesting hacks you’ll be able to keep away the monsoon smell + some of these are purely homemade and costs you absolutely nothing!
#1 Place a few drops of your favourite essential oils like Rosemary or Lavender near the air-conditioner. The sweet smell will diffuse in room, making it smell amazing.
#2 Pour 10-15 drops of Essential Oils on a cotton ball and keep it where you want- this could be your living room, balcony or laundry area. This hack will deodorize the place and keep away the Monsoon Smell.
#3 Mop your floor with a spoonful of Baking Soda and Rock Salt mixture. This removes the smell and leaves a clean and fresh home. Salt also eliminates the bacteria and keep away the ants.