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Say It With Accessories: 10 Glam-Up Tips!

Hey pretty girls! I know you love your accessories but are you aware of the trends & hacks? Accessories can make your statement or make you look like an ordinary girl! Here’s 10 tips on how you can glam-up your Statement Look! However, you can try other creative ways too ...
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10 Interesting hacks to save your Monsoon Wardrobe

Monsoon is all about rain, monsoon smell and a great weather but it’s also important to take care of Monsoon Wardrobe and all stuff like outfits, shoes and other accessories. This post will show you 10 interesting hacks to save your monsoon wardrobe. Odour and moisture is something that many ...
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Monsoon Fashion: 4 Adorable styles to try

Are you running out of ideas to show your best look this monsoon? Try these celebrities look- a cool and casual approach to monsoon. Holla pretty ladies, it’s Juhi and as promised, here’s my new series: Monsoon hits 2017 - featuring it’s 1st post as ‘Monsoon Fashion: 4 adorable styles ...
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How to create an Awesome Outfit?

Have you ever thought how you can create a put-together outfit out of what you already have? That’s correct; you can create an awesome outfit with what you already have in your closet! I have got 5 useful tips that you can use at absolutely free to create an awesome ...
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