How to develop your style statement from scratch?

Hey pretty ladies, welcome to the series of “Develop your style statement from scratch”. This is the introductory blog post, so I be telling you..

#1. What is style statement?

#2. How can you be benefitted by this?

#3. Where to start and continue to learn new things and update your style statement?

Ok, so I just start with the basics..

#1 What is your style statement?

You watch TV series where your favourite character follows a fixed pattern or type of dress- you call it a style. Similarly, a style statement is a way to be clearer on what you like to wear and what does the outfit says about you.

[Image source: Pixabay]

Two key points to figure out your style statement:

  1. What you like to wear?
  2. what does the outfit says about you?

Always answer those 2 questions to make sense of your style statement.

“Your style statement defines your authentic self.”

Style Statement – Live by your own design ( a famous book by Carrie McCarty & Danielle LaPorte)

#2. How can you be benefited by this?

Sylvia, the founder and editor in chief of 40+style, talks about how knowing your style statement can change your life. She says,

“Knowing your style statement can give you a better connection between your style choices and your inner self.”

Now, I know I write for young ladies but, this fact stood universal. By knowing your style statement, you will be able to:

  • Dress with more confidence
  • Make fewer mistakes while buying outfits
  • Give a clear message to other person about who you are
  • Feel more ease to absorb in your environment – whether it’s work or home.
  • More organized and presentable in situations.

Image source: Pixabay

#3. Where to start?

Ok, Juhi, I loved the idea of creating my style statement, but where to start?

I know you are kind of impatient to have it all, and a good way to start is to subscribe to my blog where I will be sharing new posts on this series weekly.

Here, making it clear that I am no expert.

I will be linking to fashion stylists, YouTube videos, other blog-posts and books that will guide you through the journey.

#4 New in the series..