How to become a Popular Store with simple Holiday Packing

Consider a store from where you buy cookies. The shopkeeper always packs the cookies in the same way. And then, you happened to visit a shop, which offers holiday packing with fancy tags.

If the cookies were the gift of your little ones, you would prefer shop no. 2 where you get attractive packing at the same cost of normal packing. When you present the gift, they loved it instantly and you unknowingly became the customer of shop no. 2.


What does this say about humans?

We love fancy things and packaging..

Many stores like Amazon, Flipkart and Pantaloons offer gift packaging on purchases. You can also adopt their strategy to become popular store in your area.

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What about costs?

Fancy packaging doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on packaging. Here are some beautiful packaging styles that you can adopt for trying this strategy this Christmas and become popular store.

What you’ll need?

  • You’ll need fancy tags with Christmas wishes, along with small logo of your shop or shop name.

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  • Ribbons
  • Plain paper/ vintage newspapers
  • Dried leaves or artificial flowers

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I hope this post was useful. Share your experience with us and tips to become popular shop this Holiday season!

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