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How to change your hand-drawn elements into Png vector: step-by-step

Hey Crafters! Today's post is all about easy methods of converting any hand-drawn element to a png vector and too easily.

That's the limitation with canva that I can't draw anything and above all I m not good at drawing on pcs. I can say that I love doodling and it's something I really enjoy, but previously I had no idea of how to convert my drawings into png to upload and make other creative things.

Sounds like you?

Well, here's easy method to convert hand-drawn elements into png vectors and you'll be learning the exact same process in next 2 minutes!


Tools required;

For this tutorial, you'll need the following;

  1. Your hand-drawn element snap- You can simply click an image from your smart phone as I did or scan your drawing.
  2. Photoshop- I made this png vector in Photoshop, you can use any other tools which removes background, but Photoshop are a lot easier.


Let's make Png vectors now!

  • As I said, you can click the pic of your drawing.
  • Open it in your Pc on Photoshop.
  • Start with the paint bucket tool and start coloring the dull background to white. We'll make it transparent, but if you start doing it right away, it'll leave traces of dull spots which will not look good.
  • After you color all the background to white, Check the color of your design. You can color it with paint bucket tool beautifully and enhance the colors.
  • Tip: Same colors of pixels will gain same colors.

  • After making all the changes you want, select Magic Eraser Tool and click on the white background. Make sure you remove all the white color from the corners of image.
  • Save the file as png.
  • Yay! It's done!

Use them to create beautiful items such as greeting cards and more! You can even sell them on Creative Market and make good money!

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial ! Comment below if you have any problem with the process. Also tell me in the comments below if you want more such tutorials! 

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