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How to Create your own Binder Cover in 20 minutes?

Howdy Crafters! Today I m gonna share a quick tutorial on how you can create your own Binder Covers and that too within 20 minutes!

This happened when I was doing the stationary work the other day. Every binder cover looks the same and boring while I was having Creative ideas in my mind. It was like I was looking for scenery and found plain colors. BTW, who likes it plain and dull? 

I thought to give it a try and make something interesting so that I would love to do my regular file work while the Creative person in me remain inspired during the dull task.

Sounds like you? Join me for this quick tutorial and you'll be knowing in next 20 seconds on how to create your own Binder covers!

Click here to download free Binder Covers


This is all you'll need to create binder cover:

Here's the stuff you'll need to make your own Binder cover:

  1. Designing software: I prefer Canva as it's easy and preloaded with fonts and shapes. You can use Adobe or others as you wish.
  2. Digital Papers: You can get digital papers of a variety for both Free & Premium prices. However, for your first project, I recommend using Free digital papers. In case, you don't know what a digital paper is, It's a design made on 12x12 jpg or png format.
  3. An idea or theme: Well, maybe this could be the first point. Anyway, you can use pretty themes like floral, geometric, travel, etc. For this project, I m gonna use my Travel Scrapbook kit which you can check on etsy here. 

Source: Etsy ( FreshNFloral)

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Here we go:

  • For making Binder Covers, First open Canva and select your preferred size. For this project, I m using A4 size, but with Custom dimension selection, you can create any size you want.
  • Upload your Digital papers to the Canva dashboard.
  • Select your digital paper and make drag it untill the paper cover the A4 canvas.
  • Now, select elements or banners and make it look interesting.
  • Finish your Binder Cover by adding Font to it. Select the font type you want for example: Select SUNDAY for a fun font in all caps, use Script fonts like Brusher or Grand Hotel.
  • Once done, save your design and download it with version "PDF print" to get 300 dpi PDF quality.

Here's what I made using the same steps as above:

Click on image to download



Terms of use: You can use these Binder covers for Personal Use only. You can sell upto 20 copies of these with proper credits to and Etsy shop FreshNFloral prints.

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial, comment below if you have any problems or questions regarding this tutorial. You can also share your own Binder designs by uploading them to our facebook page .

Comments and advice are welcomed!

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