How to Increase your Sales with Customer Appreciation cards!

Are you looking for ways through which you can increase your sales? This isn’t a rocket science!

Studies show that a new customer costs you 8 times more than retaining a loyal customer. So, why leaving the old customers ..or better said easy cash on the table!


Think how your customers think…

You are a customer of what you don’t sell. Remember the last time you felt good when you were treated as V.I.P. in a shop? How did you felt about it?

Our customers feel the same way..

And remember you can earn more with a loyal customer than the ‘passers-by’ and what I mean by this is :

“ Every time you make a loyal customer, they stick with your brand and become your ambassadors unknowingly. They preach your brand without being paid for!”

The best way to make them feel special is offering a thank-you card.

Now if you’re confused what’s a thankyou card, then have a look at;

Image source: FreshNFloralPrints

This is not a normal thank you card, it includes your customized message, logo and a ‘discount code’ that they can use for shopping next time they visit your shop.

Why it works?

  • People love the store where they get more with same amount of money than elsewhere.
  • A discount code creates a chain of thoughts of how to spend/ what to buy next, and when they feel like it, they switch to your shop.

How to include these to your products?

  • You can either add a card on the packaging or email them to your customers.
  • You can also promote your shop by posting it on instagram, facebook or pinterest with a link to your shop.
  • Offer a discount on quantity to increase sales volume. This is what Shopping malls do. They offer a discount on quantity.

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I hope you loved this post. Join me in the comments below and tell me :

How are you going to use these thankyou cards in your business?



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