Ready to Plan your February? ( planner tutorials + paper guides)

Hey guys, I hope you're doing great! February is started and I am into planning more and more.. because Planning is the key to success. 

Today's post is all about your planner setup and what to do if you want an artistic planner and save the time to decorate every page (or if you're yet not very good as drawing skills.)

There's no worry to confess, even I am not great at making beautiful and artistic planner pages.

But, there's surely a way to do that!

Planner tutorials

This planner tutorial comes from the YouTube channel : MyLifeInABullet. (owned by Christina). She had did such an awesome job to explain how we can plan this month.

A few highlights and important planners in this video are:

  • Habit Tracker
  • Time log
  • Budget and Expenses Tracker
  • Project Checklist 
  • Week Planner
  • Ideas Planner ( highly recommended)

Without a waste of time, let me quickly take you to her video...

What to do if you're not an artist or want to save time?

This must be a question now that you want to save time on those roses on every single page...but how? Is that even possible to make planner artistic without much effort?

The answer is yes!

Download our beautiful printable papers from the shop and make your planners artistic instantly!

We have a collection of floral printable papers that you can print as many as you want to create your planner set!

valentino collection ( floral writing paper)
Floral Writing Papers at Freshnfloral

Each writing paper set comes with 3 designs ( including 3 ruled papers, and 3 plain papers ).  So, you can easily mix and match to get a planner fit to your needs!

Valentino collection ( floral writing papers)
Floral writing papers

If you like these pages, you can sign-up and get a 20% discount on your first purchase

If you like this post, let me know in the comments below! I be happy to see any suggestions from you. And as I said.. Planning is the key to success, so happy Success to you! 

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