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Say It With Accessories: 10 Glam-Up Tips!

Hey pretty girls! I know you love your accessories but are you aware of the trends & hacks? Accessories can make your statement or make you look like an ordinary girl!
Here’s 10 tips on how you can glam-up your Statement Look! However, you can try other creative ways too that will strike your mind after you read this post. Also check other post in series; How To Create Your Style Statement?

1. One statement piece theory:

This one is pretty simple. Instead of wearing a tons of accessories, focus on that one accessory that can be the statement piece for your look!

I have 6 tips related to it which you’ll read later in this post.


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2. Accessories at your work place?

At Work Place you can’t wear accessories that are more showy or dressy, but you must throw a necklace or a sunglasses to compliment your look. This way you are not doing over and still looking amazing!

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3. Are you doing it over?

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Parties demand a Glamorous look and you must accessories your look at your best. But, when to know when you’re doing it over?

Try to balance your look!

For instance, if your hairstyle shows bangs, avoid long earrings and go for studs.

4. How to highlight it right?

Highlight the things that you want! If you want to drag attention to your face, you can wear big earrings or loops. If you want to highlight your neckline, wear chokers.

The key is to accessories the part you want to highlight while balancing the look.

Necklines With Accessories!

Check My Pins for a better idea of following tips!

5. Glam up your Scoop neck outfit:

For scoop neck outfits, you can go for collar necklace that mimics the neckline of outfit. It’s looks classy. You can do a collar necklace with scoop crop top and long skirt for date.

6. A pendant chain for Boat neck:

Long pendant chain looks cute in boat neck tops. It kinda add an edgy look to your outfit which you can do in casual jeans top or a party outfit.

7. V-neck’s jewelry suggestions:

You can either do earrings or necklace at a time as the trends. However, work your choices and try what looks best on you.

Do a long pendant hack whenever you want to look slimmer than usual. You can use a short pendent necklace that accentuates your neckline too.

8. Earrings for One-shoulder top:

One-shoulder top are kinda more dressy. Going a low key on accessory would really make a statement look. Use long earrings and a bracelet to compliment your look.

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9. Design your turtle neck outfit with chains:

A layered neck-piece or whatever you call it, looks good with turtle necks. This is kind of Popular now. Try this look for parties.

10. Chokers for Strapless Tops:

Strapless top leaves a good chance to try your bold and beautiful chokers. There’s cloth choker or the metal ones that you can try to get your Statement look.

I hope this post was useful and gave you some ideas on how to create your style statement. I would like to credit these Youtube videos for my sources: for the accessories with neckline, for everyday tips. Check these videos if you want.

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