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Steps to Create a Digital Scrapbook

Ever wondered what it takes to make your scrapbook digitally?

No cutting, pasting, glue, trimming photos, and washy tapes!

Well, that can be a little fun but, with digital scrapbook you can create an array of things that wouldn’t be possible with normal scrapbooking.

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Here’s today’s post and I ll be sharing…

  1. Possibilities with Digital Scrapbooks.
  2. Tools and materials
  3. Process

So, first we talk about the possibilities

  • With digital scrapbook, you can make error free scrapbook. If you want to change photographs, yes, you can!
  • Make similar layouts for scrapbook. If you wish to copy a similar layout, you can! Just change photos, colours, maybe font, and you’re done!


  • Use photo effects .. hmm, you would like this more! Change colour of your outfit, hues, brightness, make them in BnW or all colour.
  • Font choices, editable and changeable whenever you want.
  • Unlimited Background choices at a click. With free and paid Digital papers, you can create a perfect background for your scrapbook, travel, floral, vintage to name a few.
  • Doesn’t mean you always have to print it. You can share them on facebook and twitter.

I can go on like this, but let me quickly show you the tools.

Tools and Materials

Designing Software: You can use adobe programs, or canva. I use canva because it’s easier, comes with pre-loaded fonts and vectors and it’s free!

Digital papers: You can find free or paid digital papers anywhere. Download Pink and purple scrapbook papers for free. ( click here )

Photos: You can upload your images to canva and start your edits within 10 secs.

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  • Choose the size of page: Canva is loaded is Size choices. However, for better resolution, I use custom dimensions 2550 x 3300 px ( US letter size)

  • After you’re done, upload your images to the left sidebar.
  • Select elements and choose your favorite photo grid. You can choose 2 or more grids at same time and resize them as you want.
  • Now select the digital paper and resize it until the image covers the whole canvas. And it becomes the background.
  • Now add photos to your photo grids, click on them to adjust color, effects etc.
  • Add banners, fonts and other things as you wish.

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial. Leave comments below and share your experience with Scrapbooks and digital papers. You can also ask any questions related to editing in Canva.

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