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20 Hacks To keep Away The Monsoon Smell

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Monsoon brings the rain and pleasant weather but also a lot of moisture which result in Foul smelling odours that I am sure you don’t want in your home.
According to a survey, 84% women confess that they’re struggling to make their home pleasant in Monsoon Season. With these 20 Interesting hacks you’ll be able to keep away the monsoon smell + some of these are purely homemade and costs you absolutely nothing!
#1 Place a few drops of your favourite essential oils like Rosemary or Lavender near the air-conditioner. The sweet smell will diffuse in room, making it smell amazing.
#2 Pour 10-15 drops of Essential Oils on a cotton ball and keep it where you want- this could be your living room, balcony or laundry area. This hack will deodorize the place and keep away the Monsoon Smell.
#3 Mop your floor with a spoonful of Baking Soda and Rock Salt mixture. This removes the smell and leaves a clean and fresh home. Salt also eliminates the bacteria and keep away the ants.

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How to build your home around blue theme?

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Here’s a few brilliant ideas that you can try for home renovation. Let your home speak of peace with the shades of blue, coffee and greys. In this post, you will see beautiful snaps from different home that you can choose for your dream home! 1. Here’s the color palette: A blue theme means more […]